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Venus Factor Program is basically a weight-loss program exclusively created for women By John Barban. The program has increased in reputation among women in various parts of the world for its ease-of-use and effectiveness. Just one of the good reasons this diet and fitness program has become a buzzword globally, is the simple fact that it centers on a person’s individual needs and it works in barely 12 weeks.

venus factor review


Venus Factor Program Details:

Product Name: Venus FactorVenus Factor Program Review
Author: John Barban
Official website: Venus Factor Website
User Rating: 100%
Customer support Rating: 100%
Quality Of Content: 100%
Excellent For: Women



How Venus Factor Can Change Your Life

Venus Factor works! After nearly a decade of putting on weight  due to having kids and “being busy,” I finally got tired of it last year when my husband and I decided to renew our vows. I was putting together a collage of wedding photos when it finally hit me how big I had gotten, I just couldn’t believe it! Did I really wake up every day and not notice? I had avoided mirrors as much as I could, but when it came time for me to buy clothes again because I had gained another size, I finally made the change!
Venus Factor helped me get back down to the size I was over a decade ago, and I have managed to keep the weight off for nearly six months now! The program was so simple and I didn’t find myself craving junk food. I had the energy to go on daily walks and a few weeks in I began to jog each night! I was having more energy and just feeling better all around. The weight came off easily; I lost about three pounds a week until I was two months in and at my goal!

The program is so perfectly explained, it just made a lot sense! As a mom, I have learned to pay attention to ingredients! Prior to finding Venus Factor, I found that a lot of the weight loss products were filled with exercises that are actually made for men, and I had a few friends who had tried some of the other products and none of them worked!
I’m so glad I discovered Venus Factor Program. I was hesitant at first, but I’m happy I took the leap! Venus Factor helped me to lose 24 pounds in just over two months and fit back into the wedding dress I had worn nearly a decade ago! This is a healthy, safe, and awesome program that works. Thanks to Venus Factor, i know i have mentioned it a lot, i guess you could tell by my excitement :). I won’t be returning to my unhealthy self and I am now able to confidently wear bathing suits, attend get-togethers, and go out with the family! I let my weight get out of hand, but Venus Factor program helped me regain the body I had in my early twenties, and it was unbelievably quick. I had reached what I thought was the point of no return with my weight, but i was proved wrong!

Venus factor program review


What You Need To Know About Leptin

Just before we go into all of the actual exercise and diet information that comes using the program, it’s best to begin with the most unique thing about this comprehensive weight-loss program for women. The Venus Factor bases its entire system and success around Leptin, a hormone that is found in women twice as much as men.

Leptin is a hormone that is produced in the human body naturally. It job is to regulate the entire metabolism, such as your appetite and ultimately, your weight. If you are sensitive to Leptin, you are generally underweight or normal weight. If you are resistant to Leptin, you are typically going to be overweight.

Why is Leptin so important to the Venus Factor program?

With that scientific research and knowledge in mind, the makers (John Barban and Brad Pilon) of the Venus Factor understood that if there was a way to regulate the amount of Leptin produces and/or the level of sensitivity or resistance to Leptin that women had, it would help women get their weight under control. In short, if a diet and exercise routine could affect the Leptin and effects of Leptin in your body, it would be a better way to workout and diet to lose weight faster, more naturally and with less effort.


Venus Factor program


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Listed Below are the five parts of the Venus Factor Program

1. The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide: Here you are going to learn all about foods that raise your Leptin resistance Venus Factor program (e.g. soy, sugary snacks, low fiber carbs, etc.) and how to avoid them. You will also learn the right types of food to eat to increase the effectiveness of Leptin in your body.
You will also get a quick course in calorie counting to ensure that you can learn portion control and how to eat properly.

2. The Fat Burning 12-Week Workout Program: This is the ultimate 3 month program, twelve weeks—that you can use in your own home or take to the gym.
This fat burning workout routine gives you a step-by-step, very easy to follow workout that is aimed at developing the classic feminine hourglass shape that you want.
The videos can all be downloaded or accessed whenever you want online, giving you an easy way to reshape your body without having to seek the services of highly-priced personal trainers.

3. The Virtual Nutritionist Software App: In addition to eliminating the expensive costs of a personal trainer, you can also save your money for a rainy day by getting rid of the costly nutritionist from your budget. A virtual nutritionist app is all you need in this virtually insane world, providing you the fastest way to automate your eating process by counting calories and proteins in your diet, then measuring them against your ideal numbers. The difference tells you just how far off you are from eating your perfect meal in perfect portions, every single time.

Venus Factor program

4. The Venus Index Podcast: This is purely a motivational and instructional tool, giving you a way to tune in with other women just like you who are going through the same struggles and reaching success. When success is all around you, it becomes a part of you as well, making these podcasts one of the most highly effective mental tools for losing weight that you will ever see.

5. The Venus Community Just as if that podcast weren’t enough motivation, in addition, you have the complete support of the Venus Community, filled with women just like you that you can chat with on the forums feel free to say hello to me :). Share your inspirational stories, great recipes and break-throughs in weight loss while you read the same from your peers.

Venus Factor program
17,438 introduction threads. I suggest you to introduce yourself first to kick-start your transformation journey!

The active community is exactly what I really liked about Venus Factor. There is endless inspiration & motivation for all. So don’t be shy, just say hi to everyone!

Venus Factor program
The forum is very active & vibrant

John Barban is always active on the forum too

Venus Factor program
John Barban is very active on the forum. Don’t forget to say hi to him. He is a cool guy!


About the creatorVenus Factor program

John Barban, is a well-known name in the world of health and fitness and people know him simply because of his unique solution to weight loss programs, specifically for women. John himself has an extraordinary physique that makes him an excellent personality to follow. He has graduated in human biology and nutrition. The desire for learning more led him to study physiology and fitness. He has also got various certifications in health and fitness. He also worked in industry of dietary and sports supplements for several years which allowed him to work and train athletes.

Why should women go for the Venus Factor Program ?

there are actually many reasons as why women should choose it over other weight loss program. First, Venus factor specially created considering women’s need, so it works great for us. Secondly, the Program is designed and organized really well and is incredibly easy to follow. And finally, the exercises and diet plan are both hassle free to follow and within few weeks you will get your desired result.
What you will love about this program is the way it explains various hang-ups that women of all ages face with weight.


The Venus Factor program Comes With 3 Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1

You’re not just receiving The Venus Factor Program,  you will be getting a special bonus valued at $297 called The Venus Factor Workouts.

This female exercise program is a perfect complement to your main program

Inside you’ll also discover things like:

Why your workouts may need to be much shorter and less intense to achieve optimum results.

Why some common exercises that may make you more bulky and look larger rather than focus on weight loss and a slimmer looking physique.

Easy exercises you can do from home to help you burn more calories with everyday activities.

Bonus #2

The entire Venus Factor Workouts and all of the 143 video coaching lessons are 100% free bonuses today so that can help ensure you have the right tools every step of the way.


to even further help ensure that your Venus Factor experience is enjoyable and supportive for your weight-loss journey, there is one more very special bonus worth $79 that you’ll have immediate access to, free of charge when you get started today. It’s called Venus IMMERSION.


Venus IMMERSION is a community of thousands of real women that are either starting their own transformations or have been where you are right now before they found their answers to weight loss like me. Like minded women are always there to answer your questions and share support for you during every step of your transformation, it’s also a community where I’m currently able to assist  women individually on the best path to get results.

with Venus Factor you will never feel alone.  with Venus Immersion amazing friendships blossom every week, and in case you’re interested, the girls organize fun Venus Vacations for anyone that wants to meet up which is always a good time!

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