diabetic travel guidelinesdiabetic travel guidelines:

Preparing in advance before you travel reduces stress. It is especially important for a diabetic. These five diabetes travel guidelines are simple to apply and important to your diabetic management. These are mainly important if you are traveling abroad.

reasons-p1)  Have a pre-travel checkup. Ensure that your A1C blood sugar levels, your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol levels are okay. Have the appropriate shots for the country you intend to visit.

diabetic travel guidelines

2) Always put on a diabetes medical ID. If possible it should be in the language spoken in the country you are traveling to. Not everybody speaks your language and you wouldn’t want medical issues through misunderstandings.

diabetic travel guidelines

3) Always keep your medications and glucose snacks in your hand-baggage. Do not check-in your Hand-baggage. Do not risk your diabetes medication by packing/putting it into your main travel-luggage.
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4) Always keep your medication in its original box, together with the complete pharmacy labels, it’ll avoid misunderstanding on why you’re taking medication and, if you’re on insulin and syringes.

5) You should be aware of time zone changes, especially if adjusting your watch. Don’t forget whenever you travel east your day gets shorter and when you travel west your day will become more longer. You might need to adjust the timing of your medications.

Traveling should not be stressful. An intelligent mind-set and a bit of pre-travel preparing will make things go much more easily.